Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shipantics - A brief history.

Hello and thanks for checking out the Shipantics blog, where you'll hopefully get to see all the development work and concept art that goes into making a project like this, and some of the awesome work Stephen and I will be putting together in the near future. Looking back over all the work I've done over the years, its hard to know where to start with it all.


The project came to life about 5 years ago, all based on a quick drawing I did of a huge ship packed with random characters, each with their own little room to hide out in. I'd read (don't remember much writing) Richard Scarry's books and loved the little worlds he'd created, bustling with characters and vehicles. I was also obsessed with those Osborne Puzzle Adventure books, where you played the role of various heroes, and progressed through the book by solving various puzzles and finding clues. And being  a little bit in awe of Herge's mad Captain Haddock, I reckon what better way to combine all these elements than in a classic adventure game ( think Sam and Max Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle) set on the high seas.

Adventure games are experiencing a considerable resurgence in popularity these days, with new technology bringing puzzle games back to the mainstream, and as a genre we've always loved, we hope to bring something new to the table. Hopefully we can use this blog to share all the early designs and concepts that rarely see the light of day, but are often the most interesting parts of the process. 
Thanks , and I hope you enjoy your visit!


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